10 Reasons to do Push-Ups

The 100 Push-Up Challenge has become quite popular. I am personally just starting! For a motivator, here are some reasons to do push-ups. This is a great training tool to get you to meet that 100 push-up mark. I’m just starting the program, but I’ll update as soon as I’m done!

1. Muscles. Push-Ups help you build muscles. And muscles burn fat. And burning fat is good. Muscles also look sexy.

2. Lots of muscles. Instead of working one muscle out at a time, push-ups work-out lots of muscles. Don’t take my word for it. Do as many push-ups as you can today. See which muscles hurt tomorrow. I promise it will be more than one.

3. Free. Push-ups are intense. You don’t have to pay to use a gym or fancy equipment. It’s all you baby.

4. Anywhere. You can do push-ups virtually anywhere that has gravity. For comfort and safety, you might not do them anywhere, but you get the point.

5. Impress your friends. I’m not talking to just the guys here, we all know how impressive it is when someone can literally drop down and give you 50…or 100 for that matter.

6. Self-esteem. The more push-ups you do, the better you will feel about yourself.  And they call that positive self-esteem, and that sounds pretty nice to me!

7. Military. In case you choose to join the military, you’ll have the push-up thing mastered!

8. Jail. This is kind of like #5, Impress your Friends.  If you end up in jail or prison for some reason, you’ll impress your cell mate if you can do a bunch of push-ups.  Maybe this will help you avoid some bad situations.  Maybe.

9. Bragging rights. Not just your friends will be impressed, but strangers too!  You can totally brag about how many push-ups you can do.  Just be prepared to prove it.  That will definitely impress members of the opposite sex…or not.

10. Lose weight.  Experts say that exercise is needed to lose weight.  Push-ups are a form of exercise.  That added bonus of push-ups is that they build muscles, which increases your metabolism, making you burn more fat.  So congrats.  Now you’re losing even more weight.

Here’s some additional good reason to do push-ups:

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20 Creative Ways to get Exercise

In my last post, I made a list of 7 Simples Ways to Lose a little Weight, and one of the list items included “Get Creative.” Adding movement and activity in small ways can add up to some extra exercise to help us lose a little weight or stay healthy. Exercise doesn’t always have to be 30 minutes of cardio activity. Sometimes, it can just be little things that get us moving. So, challenge yourself to do a couple of these each day, and you might surprise yourself with the results:

1. Sit and be Fit. There’s a program called “Sit and be Fit” for elderly people who need to exercise. It’s a session of exercise that’s completed entirely while sitting down. I’ve taken that idea and turned it into my Couch Potato Sit to be Fit. I have a couple hand weights by my recliner, and while I’m watching television or a movie, I’ll sometimes grab the hand weight and do some exercise. Once you start, you’d be amazed at how creative you can get in finding ways to work different muscles while sitting in a recliner. Even just flexing your abs or butt muscles for the length of a commercial is something.

2. The Flex Challenge. Can you flex your abs? butt? pull your shoulders back? Challenge yourself to do this each time something happens. For example, flex your abs every time you walk through a door. Or if you’re driving, flex your butt every time you turn. Get creative with it and have some fun.

3. Brushing Teeth Squats. If you have a Sonicare toothbrush, it takes 2 minutes to brush your teeth. You can do 2 minutes of squats, lunges, or wall-sits. That’s better than just standing there staring at yourself.

4. Washing Dishes Calf-Raises. I hate washing dishes, and I hate exercise – so I might as well do both at the same to get it over with. While standing at the sink, do some calf-raises. That’s not too difficult.

5. An extra flight of stairs. If you have stairs in your home, you have a great tool to add exercise. A couple times a day, when you are headed up (or down) the stairs to get something, go up and down one extra time. Pretty easy.

6. The dog. If you are blessed with a dog, you have a super easy way to add exercise to your life. If a walk around the block is just too much for you (because you don’t want to get dressed, put on shoes, and go through the effort) just chase your dog around your house. Add a toy. It’s fun, exhausting, and no one has to see you do it.

7. Dance. While you’re getting dressed in the morning, put on some music that makes you want to dance. Instead of walking to the closet, kitchen, bathroom – you can dance. You can do this in privacy and it’s a great way to start the day.

8. One More. I have a goal to be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups. I’ve always dreamed of being able to pump them out with ease. Each day, add just one more. If you start with 3 that’s okay. Tomorrow, you’ll push yourself to do 4. We can all do just “one more.”

9. 5-minute clean. Set the timer (on your oven or cell phone) for 5 minutes. Now, pick-up and clean as much as you can in your house. That means you might need to run to the living room and then run to your bedroom to put that crap away. Having a timer will motivate you to get as much done in 5 minutes as possible. That will make you move faster which will get you moving.

10. Counter-top push-ups. Every time you go to the bathroom in your home, do a set of what I call counter-top push-ups. Stand back, put your hands on the edge of the counter, and do some half push-ups. Start with a set of 5 and see how many you can get up to. It only takes a few seconds and you’re there anyway, so you might as well do something for yourself other than relieve your bladder.

11. Cell phone flexibility. While you’re chatting on the phone with your friends and family, you probably don’t want to be doing something that will put you out of breath, so do simple stretching, squats, lunges, wall-sits, or whatever simple exercises you can think of. You don’t have to just sit there while you’re talking on the phone. You can actually move around ya know!

12. Remember Jumping Jacks? See how many you can do during one or two commercials while you’re watching television. Have a lazy roommate or spouse? Challenge them to see who can do more.

Jumping Jacks

How to do a Jumping Jack

13. Replace the recliner. Replace the recliner with a stationary bike. Even if you bike super slow, it’ll be more movement than if you were just sitting on the couch or recliner. And find a comfy one so you’ll actually sit on it.

14. Arm wrestle. Both arms and with as many people who are willing to do it. It’s silly. And it’s okay to be silly!

15. Get in bed. Get in bed with a partner, and commit to being intense. Don’t be a lazy bum who let’s the other person do all the work. See how many different moves you can show the person you love!

16. Pillow Fight! Getting irritated at your partner? Feeling tense? Have a pillow fight! It’ll feel good to release all that tension, and it might lead to number 15.

17. Race. Going somewhere? Leaving somewhere? Park in the back and race your partner to the front. You might look silly, but you’ll also look hot when you lose a couple pounds. It’s fun! And it’s okay to be silly!!

18. Get a treat. If you sometimes go to get a treat with your partner – coffee, slurpee, ice-cream, any tasty treat – do it. But instead of driving there. Walk. It gives you a destination (which is easier than just going for a walk for exercise); it gives you a reward; you have to finish the walk to get home; you have a tasty treat for the way home; and you have someone to talk to – which makes it less like exercise and more like social time.

19. Be creative! You can take almost any activity you do in your life, and add some extra movement, flexing, and exercise. Just start thinking about it. How long can you hold both your legs up in the air while sitting at your desk at work?

20. Have fun and challenge yourself. If you’ve noticed, a lot of these items are silly! And that’s okay! Have fun and challenge yourself to add movement and activity into your life in as many ways as possible. Make silly competitions with your partner, challenge yourself to add more, do more, move more. And you will start feeling and seeing a difference in your body. It’s amazing how powerful small steps can be – because a small step is better than no step!

Here are some other lists of other creative ways to lose weight and get healthy! Good luck!

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Have some additional creative ways to exercise or get moving? Leave a comment!!

7 Simple ways to lose a little weight

I’m not in shape. I’m overweight. So if you are, too, I know how you feel! What are some simple ways we can start losing a little weight?

1. No quick-fixes. Although tempting, forget about purchasing diet pills and drinks. There are so many reasons NOT to purchase those. I admit that I’ve been a sucker about a few products in my past, but in the end it didn’t really help. You know the reasons those quick-fix pills and potions are bad for you – I don’t need to tell you. So just let that go and stop searching.

2. The usual extras. We’ve all heard the common ways to increase activity in our day: take the stairs, park in the back of the parking lot, etc. So, yes, you’ve heard them, read them, and maybe even talked about them. Now start doing them! The next time I see a soccer mom who goes to the gym for 3 hours a day be a bitch about getting that front parking spot at Target, I’m going to scream!! How about you go to the gym for 2 hours and 50 minutes and you take a chill pill and take a parking spot that’s not right in the front.

3. Get creative. A lot of my lists probably include this one. Get creative? How? Ummm…if I told you, that would prevent you from getting creative! But to get you started, here’s some creative ways I try to squeeze in a little exercise: 20 Creative Ways to Exercise. If you’re a list person, I would come up with as many of those ideas as you possibly can, and then challenge yourself to do a few of those each day. Every little bit helps!

4. Eat with chopsticks. Are you a fast eater? Chopsticks will automatically slow you down, even if you’re good with them, which I am. Eating slower make you take the time to be mindful of your eating and get full faster. Check out this site for a lesson on how to use chopsticks: CHOPSTICKS

5. Water, water, water. Hungry? Drink a glass water. Still hungry? Drink another glass of water. Still hungry? Eat something with chopsticks.

6. Recliner weights. So you’re not sold on replacing your recliner with a stationary bike? Put some hand weights next to the recliner. During the commercials, see how many repetitions you can do using those hand weights (work as many muscles as you possibly can while sitting on your butt – again, get creative).

6. Get support. If you’re too embarrassed to ask your spouse, partner, or friends to support you in this adventure to lose a little weight – join an online support group. I use weightlosswars.com because it’s free (unless I want to do a weight challenge) and there’s some pretty decent people on there. There’s lot of places to get support online, though – LOTS. Commit to checking in with your support group every other day for 2 minutes. That’s just enough of a commitment to prevent you from making an excuse, but it’s also enough to get you to be consistent and actually do it.

7. 5 Minutes. Would you like to take a walk with your partner or spouse but they just don’t want to? They’ve had a long day at work, and they just want to relax for goodness sake! Well, if they’re decent and they love you, I’m sure you can get them to commit to 5 minutes. Ask them to just walk around the block with you – 5 minutes – that’s it. If they want to stop after that, they can. Chances are, they’ll feel good after 5 minutes and will be more inclined to do another 5 minutes…build on this!! Small commitment are manageable and easy to build on. Start small!

This is a simple list. I love lists. Here are some other great lists you can check out:

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Good luck, and if you have some more creative ways to lose weight, feel free to comment!! 🙂