17 Ways to Avoid Getting Pulled Over

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  1. Would hope more people in Quebec would read this lol.

  2. it is a nice article that can help to save life and the environment as well. KEEP IT UP

  3. Drive a “Mom car” even when I speed (and get ‘seen’ by an authority figure) they usually just trail me for a bit then peel off. It helps that I have a “pointless” registration/record and that I only ever go 4-5 miles over but the Honda Element has to help!

  4. I also find that having a Mom Car prevents pulling over. Or maybe it’s the fact that this car WON’T speed. It’s just too wimpy. Either way I haven’t been ticketed in YEARS.

  5. great blog

    also have experienced the wrath of #10, lol

  6. FYI: Cops love cherry red sports cars. They tune in to one as soon as it gets into their vision. Why? Because if you own one, you are more likely to speed in a cherry red sports car than if you were driving anything else.

  7. I think this is very good advice. However a point that was not brought up in this article but which I think in most places is very relevant to why or who not drivers are pulled over is (unfortunately) ethnic background. Having lived in LA for 5 years I noticed, (with absolutely NO exaggeration) that the only cars I EVER saw being pulled over were driven by people of color. Sometimes, no matter how careful a driver you are, you will still be targeted by human/cultural flaw. It’s an unfortunate reality that i think should be mentioned – one that may not be written in any judicial legislatures but that is commonly practiced by an imperfect system.

  8. I have found that speeding is not the main thing that cops pull people over for. Red light running or stop sign running are also huge. (You forgot those). But also swerving and looking drunk is a big one, they really want to find the drunk people, even if all you were doing was looking for your phone, they may pull you over. But the BIGGIE here in Arizona is driving in the carpool section of the freeway without carpooling. People can always argue speeding, but it is hard to argue that you have 2 people in the car when you did not.

    Jason Dragon

  9. I’ve done number 10 also and had the registration sticker next to me in the car… When the cop pulled me over and I showed it to him, he just went, “Oh Lord!” and pulled away.

  10. sounds like you dont like the police

  11. I form alliances with other cars on the highway.

    “Alright, black Lexus. You and me. Let’s roll,” is a common thing to hear in my car. I will let him do the work by finding the holes in traffic, and I will sell him out in a heartbeat in case I see a state trooper behind us.

    I am a horrible highway co-driver, but no one knows that until it’s too late for them.

  12. HI I am Orange

  13. sounds like good advice to me, although also make sure your lights all work, thats big

  14. You a beauty, so just turn on the charm, and nothing to worry about. LOL~

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  16. I have been told by a reputable source that driving less than 10 mph over the speed limit is generally accepted due to the margin of error implicit in radar speed detection. To date, that theory has proven true for me, I would love to here from someone who has experienced otherwise -though.

  17. i have to 2nd the 10MPH or less over the limit is accepted, accept the one time i got pulled over for going 5mph over in the fast lane on the freeway which I’m contesting. aside from that, I have been ticketed for going no much slower than 15 over and no more than 50 over the limit.

    Happy Speeding!

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