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  1. I am twenty-something and absolutely ADORE my gray hair highlights! I love to be daring, look intelligent and have people ooh and ahh on how gorgeous my silver highlights are.

    Like I told my hairstylist today: I will never dye my hair, No Thank You!

  2. I am 48 and have been coloring my hair since I was 30. I have decided to let my natural color grow in. It is dark brown with silver. I really like it but everyday I get comments from friends that I am going to look old.
    Even the hairdresser that works next to me keeps telling me to color my hair,I will look ancient! As of now I have about 2 inches of roots. Any suggestions for growing it out? I have heard about a product called backout.anyone know anything about it?

  3. Great article! I decided to stop dyeing my hair about 3 years ago (I’m 56). I’ve actually had more positive social experiences since I let my hair become a beautiful silver gray. I seem to attract people who are interested in who I am and not how I look. I wish I would have done this in my 40’s!

  4. I liked your 11 reasons. But the main reason I’ve found, from the women writing into http://www.goinggraylookinggreat.com, is the desire for authenticity, and self-acceptance of their own beauty. They want to be who they are. After that, freedom, which you’ve touched on. Saving money isn’t first on the list, but now it really is becoming an issue. This economy is driving a lot of women away from the bottle, and to a bright, shining, silver future!

  5. I’m a youthful 51 years old, intelligent, attractive, tall widow has earned every right to display my silver locks without shame or others telling me that I look old. In fact, I feel younger by having made the decision to just be me and stop using all those nasty chemicals to alter my hair color. What a great article for those pondering going gray. I hope it inspires other women to put down the bottle, get a great cut, smile and flaunt their natural beauty. Oh and have a martini – you’ll look sensational when doing so!

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