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  1. Thank you. It intrigues me that you see the creativity in my angst.

  2. I followed your comment to your blog… and i like what i see xD

  3. I really was surprised with your list. Powerful. I half-expected a bunch of feel-good advice for really BEING NICE. Your list is very good, I will be back for more! Have a fabulous day and thanks for that list! (I , personally, don’t HATE anyone…) (Yes, I do!)

    • umm.. what you do if the person you hate is your friend? it’s not that i hate her, she’s just nasty but it’s not her fault cos she’s got problems and i know that but it’s hard to remember that when she’s being nasty to me and my other friends.

  4. wow uh this barely helped

  5. Yeah…that helps a lot!

  6. I have this incredibly immature person at work that I have to deal with everyday. I call him “Baby Hughy” since he look like that character -and acts like that character. This person is intentionally obstinate with me; purposefully negative and always uncooperative. Just now I had to get up from my desk, walk around the building just to vent someplace other than in the office.

  7. I wish I had found this list before I lost my temper with a colleague earlier today. I have really tried to ten but it’s difficult as he annoys me so intensely by pushing seven to the absolute limit. We have since agreed to eight and asked our manage to arrange it so we don’t have to work the same shift. Relief.

    Nice lists.

  8. yeah that doesnt work they just get meaner when you are nice,most men have no sense when it comes to compassion they think you have to be what they want you to be and push you till you want to scream.that is ignorant on the mans part.

  9. thank you thank you thank you for this! im having a really really tough time living with my exchange student and this really just helped me center myself and put the situation in perspective.

  10. I hate this person I work with and I tried to avoid her but she keeps on bring issues to me…..I want to be nice but I don’t get the same treatment I desreve. SHE is just plain mean to me b/c we’re friends……

    • It’s hard to deal with people you hate at work when your forced to work with them. Therefore, just try to avoid them as much as possible and just be cordial with them. It’s very hard I know. I’m working on that myself. It’s several people I hate at my job. People are just mean nowadays and I dislike mean people and think they can say whatever that want to you.

  11. NiceTurtle.com is all about being nice to EVERYONE. Join the “Nice Movement”

  12. I hate this close relative of my husbands. I don’t use the word lightly, I genuinely loathe her, hate hate hate hate hate! I’ve never felt that emotion so strongly as I do with her (and to an only slightly lesser extent her husband). It’s difficult, because I have to see her at family gatherings (which she mostly organizes), and I don’t know any of the other people at those gatherings enough to avoid her by talking to someone else. She’s the kind of person who is superficially super nice so you look like the bad guy for not liking her, but every ounce is passive aggressiveness. Anyway, I have to see her tonight and I was looking for advice on dealing with her. Your list is missing a tip: when all else fails, happy pills.

  13. Why do you have to deal with ANYONE who is mean and hateful to you. I would not go to this family function ! People who are mean and hateful are not welcome in your life . Most family turn a blind eye to others family memebers that treat with disrespect . I say ,”that makes them no better than the person being mean to you”. It hurts not having a family anymore but people like this don'[t deserve one !

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