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  1. What a fun blog…. humor and thoughtful… great combo.
    Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog…
    added a picture to go with the 3 Stooges that someone sent me..
    Will check back from time to time… really enjoyable. I like postive blogs…

  2. I love your blog and I love lists. I found your comment on HBO, then linked to the blog. Your list for today helped me, not because I am a student… but a teacher with homework ! Now I’m off to do a long session, use a dorky affirmation, and CHOOSE! lol

  3. omg! this is soo true thx to u i finally can get on doing my assignment that i hav been ‘trying’ to do for the past two days! your solutions to get motivated is d best!

  4. thanks all really helpful advice affirmation is definately a great way forward and i love the list it reminds me why i started with my degree

  5. This is the best advice I have seen in a while….

  6. oh my this was great. i think ill print it out and keep it in my binder!!

    another motivating thing do is to put on some motzart or some other kind of classical music. sometimes i like to keep the radio or the tv on while i do my homework just becuase i like the background sound, but the words catch my attention and distract me. so jazz or classical music is an awesome alternative. plus everyone knows that it has positive effects on your brain and actually help you focus. =]

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